Volunteering to Help

How would you like to become a ‘Harrowbeer Helper‘?

An event such as this takes much organising! We urgently need volunteers to help with running the event over the 18th, 19th, 20th and 21st. It isn’t possible to list all the jobs that will occur because some of them we don’t even know about yet!

In the run-up, Tentage needs putting up, direction signs for car parks etc will need to be put out, car park areas need taping off. The whole display area needs to be marked out so everyone knows where to go. During the two days, traffic management of car parking needs to be controlled, toilets need regular checking, waste bins need changing and the list goes on……..

If you would like to volunteer as a ‘Harrowbeer Helper’, please email info@rafharrowbeer.co.uk . Whether you can spend the whole weekend with us, or just a few hours, your help will be greatly appreciated.


The event needs about £5,000 in order to cover all the attractions, toilet hire, etc. We are still running the Spitfire Fund we created to raise funds for the 70th Anniversary event as not all the badges were used. So by donating £10 to the fund, you will be given a silver effect Spitfire badge marked ‘RAF Harrowbeer. There are only a few of these badges left so if you would like one, please get in touch through the contact page.

Having said all that, ANY donation will be appreciated. Please see the Sponsorship & Donation page.

Thank you.
RAF Harrowbeer Interest Group